Making the Experience of Receiving or Presenting Your Bakes Beautiful


Why Choose Us

Make the Cake the (extra) Gift !

Everyone loves gifts why not make the Cake extra special by wrapping them in our beautiful boxes. We have a box for many scenarios. Why not head over to our shop to purchase!

Simple Transportation

Our goal at Cake and Handle is to remove all stress from the process of getting your baked items home. We want your cakes to continue to look as good as they do when they leave the baker or your kitchen. Check out our video to see just how easy it is.


We pride ourselves on delivering high quality products to make your creations and purchases look extra special. Make sure you check out the zoom option on our photos to get up close and personal.

Bespoke Designs

Whilst we appreciated the timeless and classic white cake box, our boxes have been designed with personality and style in mind and colour plays a huge role in what we produce. Giving our customers choice and variety whilst delivering functionality is very important to us. Make you keep an eye on our blog to let us know what you like and don’t like.


What our customer’s say.

“These boxes are game changing! Super premium look and feel, really sturdy and the built in handle- I mean pure genius! These are perfect for a gift or to give out to customers to transport their cake purchases. These are worth every dollar I spent. I have already placed another order and cannot wait to show them to my client's!”


“Super cute boxes. Will use for those extra special occasions. Boxes were very sturdy and easy to use.”

D. P

“Fabulous! Everyone tells me how elegant and lovely the box is. Thank you”


“Fantastic product, fitted perfectly for the purpose I got it. Gets a 5 star for me and I highly recommend it.”

Amazon Customer

“These boxes are game changing! Super premium look and feel, really sturdy and the built in handle- I mean pure genius! "

Amazon Customer

“I like the colors and solid construction. It's pretty sturdy especially for cakes that are more dense .”

Ms. T

“I mean have you ever tried to carry a cake? Usually, I feel like I'm juggling so many things and I have to use both hands but with this box I'm free! Such a simple solution and pretty to boot! I highly recommend.”



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If there is anything the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us, is that we should create joy and special moments wherever we can make them.

So why not send your loved ones some baked love in a special box today.