Our First Blog Post

Our First Blog Post

Hi Guys,

Welcome to our brand-new website, I hope you like it so far!

If you haven’t checked it out, please feel free to take a look here.

 I just wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your Cake business, your incredible creations, and of course, for ensuring your cakes are not just sweet on the inside, but the outside too!

I cannot wait to see and hear how our boxes have changed things for you either personally or in your businesses. I know for a fact that it will and if it does not please feel free to leave me some feedback and we will do everything we can to fix that.

Our boxes are designed specifically for the customer so keep a keen eye on our blog and newsletters  to have your say on new designs, new product launches, check out my favourite recipes ( which I have admit sometimes fail), competitions & Discounts!

As an amateur baker myself, and with a self-confessed criminal sweet tooth, once I find a baker who makes what I like, the way I like it, you have my loyalty.

“Loyalty is how I ended up on the other side of London with two cakes in hand, no bag or carry option, in the middle of rush hour.”

You can only imagine the nightmare, right?

My son and I have birthdays close together so I ordered two cakes, I got to the pick up location and there they were two white boxes shining in their pristine condition, then it hit me Oh God there is no bag!!

For some bizarre reason I decided to brave it and I regretted it almost instantly, I had a handbag which pretty much became an additional cake. I had to rely on passers-by to tap my oyster card. Thank goodness I was using an oyster and not my bank card!

Honestly, when I got home it felt like “leg day” but in my arms, I must say chivalry isn’t dead, a gentleman did offer to carry one of the boxes until he got off at his stop. Which gave me a much-needed break! I was still super paranoid that he was going to squeeze it too hard and or drop it.

I did get home, an hour, and a half later, traumatized, with limited damage to both cakes. But it was quite the task…and I could not even satisfy myself with cake as we needed them for the party the next day. But as they say, the rest is history.

Every situation happens for a reason, every single one, I was really upset with what I went through and that neither the baker or myself had thought about it, but it helped birth this wonderful business and meet all of you so I will always be grateful.

I look forward to meeting more of you via our social media platforms below, feel free to drop me a message. Tell me about your stories both good and bad.

 Speak Soon!